The Most Evil Bean You Will Meet

Nothing is quite as toxic as the scornful disappointment from someone you miss terribly and you were asleep when they finally appear after a month

Fucking insomnia

Think I’ll make Bayonetta because somebody gonna be an old lady soon so I gotta be quick about it

Malaysian plane shot down by Russia(?) and Putin is blaming Ukrainians

Oh boy I am not liking where this is going

>getting raised to be honest and not lie
>yelled at for telling the truth

thanks mom and dad

your mixed messages and insults and hypocrisy are the reasons why I love you ( this is a lie so I don’t get in trouble whoops I’m telling the truth technically)

Gah…I’m lonely


Pretty Nookulur burd
Clothed Version:
Clothed version of previous:
Pretty Nookulur burd

I finished Nuclear burd at last

Should be done with Utsuho tomorrow, or the day after at most. All I really need to do now is her eyes, bow, arm cannon replacement and the 2nd version with her clothes. That and maybe a few more bg details