The Most Evil Bean You Will Meet
Little birthday present for Kel

Yes Mom, talk LOUDER about how worthless and unemployed I am. I can’t quite hear every fucking consonant you’re projecting. Make sure the whole fucking neighborhood knows this too because apparently even though dad is 2 feet away from you feel the need to announce this problem of mine

Nothing is quite as toxic as the scornful disappointment from someone you miss terribly and you were asleep when they finally appear after a month

Fucking insomnia

Think I’ll make Bayonetta because somebody gonna be an old lady soon so I gotta be quick about it

Malaysian plane shot down by Russia(?) and Putin is blaming Ukrainians

Oh boy I am not liking where this is going

>getting raised to be honest and not lie
>yelled at for telling the truth

thanks mom and dad

your mixed messages and insults and hypocrisy are the reasons why I love you ( this is a lie so I don’t get in trouble whoops I’m telling the truth technically)

Gah…I’m lonely


Pretty Nookulur burd
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Pretty Nookulur burd